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Legal Research And Writing Services For Attorneys

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In addition to successfully prosecuting and defending appeals, Gail M. Blasie has successfully assisted lawyers in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City in a wide-range of motion practice.   Successful motions, like winning appeals, require a detailed knowledge of the facts, as well as well-researched and clear and persuasive affirmations, memoranda,  and affidavits.

Sustained and uninterrupted focus — The busy practitioner often lacks the time necessary to research all of the legal issues to develop a winning argument.  It takes sustained focus to find the winning legal arguments and then meld them with the facts.   By hiring Gail M. Blasie, Esq., P.C. you will to assist you with your important motion practice, you will obtain high-quality legal research and writing without having to work weekends and evenings.

Excellent research and writing skills–  While many trial attorneys research and write well, they do not devote time to these skills on a daily basis. Effective research skills are vitally important because finding the right precedent and using it effectively can mean the difference between winning and losing a motion.

  • Motion for Summary Judgment in an employment contract case and successful Appellate Brief defending the lower court’s grant of summary judgment.
  • Motion for Summary Judgment in a homeowners’ association dispute and successful Appellate Brief defending the lower court’s decision.
  • Successful reversal of a lower court’s decision denying summary judgment in a real estate contract case for the wrongful refusal to return a down payment.
  • Successful defense against attempts to pierce the corporate veil.
  • Successful Appeal reversing lower court’s decision that provided relief not requested in the motion.
  • Successful Appellate Brief defending lower court’s denial of motion for summary judgment in personal injury case regarding “notice” of the dangerous condition.
  • Quality Drafting of Complaints in RICO actions, Shareholder Disputes, Personal Injury cases, Contract Disputes, Enforcement of Employment Restrictive Covenants.
  • Motions to Reargue or Renew.
  • Motions to Set Aside Default Judgments.
  • Motions re Long-Arm Jurisdiction.
  • Article 78 proceedings pertaining to various municipalities and state entities and collective bargaining agreements.

Contact me today to discuss how I can improve your quality of life, help your bottom line, and provide you with winning motion papers.

Gail M. Blasie, P.C. assists Attorneys with Research, Writing, Litigation Support, Appeals, Motion Practice, and Article 78’s in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County.


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