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An appeal is a mulitfaceted process, unlike a proceeding in a lower court.

It is important to consult with and hire an appeals attorney in Garden City, NY, who is experienced in the practice of appellate law and procedure, brief-writing and oral argument. An appeal needs to be handled by an appellate specialist. The key to a successful appeal is to synthesize the proceedings in the court below, and then formulate and articulate a strategy based upon what will most likely be successful on the appeal.

Since I much of my practice focuses on appeals, I am very familiar with the appellate procedures and rules, and I understand and know what is necessary to win a case for my client.

Attention To Detail In Preparing the Record on Appeal

As part of my appeals attorney services in Garden City, NY – unlike most other appellate lawyers –I prepare the record on appeal in-house. During this process, I become fully familiar with all of the proceedings, facts and arguments made in the court below and provide a fresh new perspective on the case to present to the appellate court. Scrutinizing and probing the trial court transcripts, researching and investigating the law – these are the skills I use to write an effective and winning appellate brief.

Writing a Persuasive and Compelling Brief

The purpose of an appellate brief is to elucidate the facts and law and persuade the appellate court that your position is legally correct. My experience has taught me that an appeal is usually won or lost on the appellate brief, and that the best briefs clearly identify the issues and frame the facts and the law in a way that encourages the appellate court to agree with my client’s position.

Often identifying the legal issues is like peeling an onion. One issue leads to another. It is a detailed and painstaking process. I leave no stone unturned until I can cogently and precisely present why my client’s position is the correct position.

Oral Argument

At oral argument, I am thoroughly familiar with my client’s case and address any questions the court may have.

I have had the privilege of having Gail Blasie represent me for the last several years in the lower court and on two successful appeals. In all that time I have found her extremely bright, attentive, thorough and responsive in a timely fashion. I believe her to be extremely bright and has the ability to think outside the box enabling her to see complex situations and come up with simple solutions. I am pleased to have her representation.
Howard A.